Tourist Hostel

A two part formal work on a peak overlooking Machu Picchu Peru. In the towers are sleeping rooms all offering similar views if the Inca city in the distance. The tower base was designed as if immerging from the rock and is built from that rock. As the tower rises it continues the morph to a rational square plan. Rainwater is collected from the mountain above the towers and stored in the tanks in their base and used as grey water for the facility.The ancillary spaces of the hostel are located behind the mountain and accessed from the towers by an oxidized Cortan steel walkway. The bifurcated design across opposing sides of the site produce objects in a field, the towers on one side and an integrated facility as part of a field on the other. This part houses the recreation spaces, cafeteria, laundry and administration. The roofs of this building are used for solar heating of hot water and for solar electric panels.

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