Tourist Hostel
Mountain top hotel, with views across to the monument.



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Passive Solar
Living with Natural Technology, a low density development.

A high density development where Solar geometry defines layout.

Designed for an existing community typical units are built as needed.

Mixed Use

Canal Side
Residential, Commercial Office and Retail space at an ex-urban dock.

Ocean Front
Residential, Commercial Music and Retail space at a Seaside resort.


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Korean Art Center
Exhibition, Performance and Study space around a cultural theme.

Addition to the Prado
Entry space redefining circulation to both the collection and campus.


Middle School
A checkered pattern used to pair outside space with classrooms.

High School
A program of discreet academies fitted into an open space matrix.


Riverboat Terminal
Floating ramps adjust to boat’s level and act as an urban river gauge.

Highline Park Conversion
An Oscillation theme used to connect the raised park with the city.

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