Mixed Use

Canal Side

The existing water’s edge at the intersection of the two Quay’s form two axes of an apparent and powerful Cartesian grid: the x and y axes. This proposal establishes the third: the z axis. Through formal symmetry, a plane is created by the x-z axes or the east elevation of the building. This strategy is used to connect to and resolve the large scale of the bodies of water. It locates the intersection of the rivers within the city and presents a metaphoric gateway to the Docklands. This is achieved by treating the ground (x axis) and the northern edge of the building (z axis) in a similar way. Leading to an apparent uniformity between the platform and tower elements. Continue reading Canal Side…

Ocean Front

The title “Reflections on Music and Life” is a literal description of the idea of the work. Located at one of England’s more striking natural phenomena; Morecambe Bay is a tidal estuary with extensive mud flats. As the tide recedes a vast area of sandy mud is revealed as a flat reflective surface. The roof and façade of the Music venue extends this reflective surface. The phenomenon is extended onto the work; what ever natural image is reflected by the mud will be reflected by the building.The Midland Hotel is one of the resorts “thoroughly modern” landmarks and curves to embrace the view of the Bay. This planning geometry is used as a context for the work; the venue’s auditoria are curved to fit the landform.
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