Cityscape and Privacy

The site for this project is on the corner, top three floors of a building with spectacular views of the East Side and downtown Manhattan. It uses a very simple idea with some intriguing implications. The view axes are plotted as a grid. A new grid relative to the city grid, as described in space. Fixtures and furniture that register static viewpoints are placed on this grid. The cones of view from these viewpoints are located in space; defining interior window sizes for rooms that contain fixtures (bathroom and kitchen) anywhere along the cone. An obvious problem created by this strategy is the accidental merging of public and private space. Ultimate privacy is achieved by electrostatic glass that turn opaque at the flick of a switch. Continue reading Cityscape and Privacy…

Sky Reflections

The site presented such problems as no light and no view. This project provided an opportunity to explore ideas of virtual imagery (reflections).The primary objective was to open the space to the sky and once introduced to keep the light “moving” until it could be refracted with the greatest benefit. This was accomplished with a large glass roof, glass block floors and a white stone floor. The stone floor formed the ground surface for a conceptual courtyard. Defined by the stripped brick and “borrowed” wall of the neighboring building to the north. This “courtyard” is the living area and the focal view for the studio.
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