Hudson River

A penthouse renovation on the 20th floor of a building on Riverside Drive NYC. Overlooking the Hudson River with spectacular views north to the George Washington Bridge and west to New Jersey. Originally 2 apartments the loft like space with a fire place in the middle and roof terrace became this 2 bedroom maritime oculus. Most of the 18 windows were reconfigured to take advantage of the scenery from the new room layout. Steel windows with a narrow profile were used to reduce the frame obstruction of views. The living room was conceived of as a library or comfortable reading room with great windows facing the Palisades. Whereas the dining area resolves the geometry with a round table; to the Bridge view.
The ceilings were designed to define rooms within a fluid group of reception spaces. Lighting design addressed a number of issues: integrating LED’s into the ceiling concept. Recognizing the night views by providing soft light so they are visible over internal reflections.

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