The New York Times

by Deborah Baldwin

An article that compares two New York City lofts both of which are light deprived. It describes the specific materials used to solve daylight problems as an approach to design.

Some techniques are revealed about methods of evaluating day lighting in spaces in both quantitative and qualitative ways using computer technology.

Follow this link to the article on The NY Times site.

Architectural Lighting

by Aaron Seward

This piece in a lighting design magazine looks at daylight distribution patterns through analysis of the surrounding city, window or skylight openings and their effects on a the interior space. It recognizes that the lighting design is organized to  mimic day lighting by placing light sources in daylight openings.

Follow this link to the article on Architectural Lighting’s site.

New York Minimalism

by Aurora Cuito

Two Lofts included in a comprehensive round up of work using a minimalist approach to design. Both utilized a defined set of ideas to achieve their objectives.

The Smart Loft

by James Grayson Trulove

Perhaps more accurately characterised as intelligent use of materials for one work and intelligent design for another the same 2 lofts were looked at as part of a book on attitudes toward loft design. Both had their own approach toward the best use of the available day light.

Im Home

by Utaka Takiura AIA

A Japanese design magazine featured this 2 floor apartment where daylight distribution had been the motivator for the interior architecture. Material and layout choices were made to make best use of this natural resource. Portions of glass floor were used and a glass stair as a way of scattering daylight.

GA Houses

by Y. Futagawa

A comprehensive photographic essay on a house on the East End of Long Island NY. This Japanese architectural publication specializes on featuring houses from all over the world.



Another Japanese architecture magazine featured this house with photography by Scott Frances/Esto and drawings by the architect.

Architects Journal

by Lucie Young

This article in a UK architectural magazine examines the weekend house and its relationship to the sloping site. It relates the work as a whole to its context as a land form and view.

Ville Giardini

by Ruggero Borghi

In an Italian design magazine looked at the institution of the Long Island beach house and its short history as a cultural phenomenon. That it has been the testing ground of new ideas for decades, claiming that this house is no exception.

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